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Monday, August 7, 2017

Trimium VPN now supports SSTP and OpenVPN!

Trimium is proud to announce support for Microsoft SSTP and also OpenVPN.

Microsoft SSTP

Microsoft's SSTP protocol (Secure Sockets Tunneling Protocol) allows VPN traffic to be encrypted and travel through HTTPS. Appearing as encrypted HTTPS traffic, it is nearly impossible for ISPs (China, Iran, Russia, etc.) to detect that the traffic is VPN. SSTP thus allows you to access content that would normally be blocked in certain countries.

Download the SSTP certificate file here. Import the certificate into your Windows client by using File Explorer. Locate the downloaded certificate file. Right click on the file and click "Install Certificate". Then click "Open" if prompted. Select "Local Machine" when prompted by the Certificate Import Wizard. Click "Next". Select "Place all certificates in the following store". Click "Browse". Click on "Trusted Root Certification Authorities". Click "OK". Click "Next". Click "Finish". Now create a new SSTP VPN client in Windows Settings and use the username and password (see above). That's it!


OpenVPN is an open source VPN system. With OpenVPN and an ASUS router running Merlin firmware you can selectively control which devices go through the VPN. OpenVPN can also work with DD-WRT, Tomato, pfSense, MikroTik and many other routers.

You can use OpenVPN client or almost any computer / mobile phone platform!

Existing Trimium users can download the OpenVPN configuration file here. This file includes OpenVPN parameters and the CA (Certificate Authority) certificate. Use your existing Trimium username/password along with the OpenVPN configuration file. There are no server or client certificates to import which makes set up easy!

To see a demo of how to use Trimium VPN with OpenVPN please watch this video:

If you plan to use the Redirect Internet Traffic option in R-MERLIN ASUS routers to selectively route devices make sure that once you set up your device table, you disconnect from the VPN and re-connect. This will ensure that your policy routing table takes effect.

Any questions? Please contact support at - thank you.



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NOVEMBER 13 2017

The issue impacting south-east Asia and Australian users has been resolved.

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